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App Shack is a full-service agency capable of providing all expertise needed to move a project from idea to launch.

Your Strategic Partner

Customers seeking to build and launch great digital products engage with App Shack for the company’s industry leading expertise within mobile product development.

Their strategic insight is a huge advantage when launching a successful product. By applying this knowledge on your product they bring it from concept, through design and development into a realized product ready to shine and conquer the market.

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We are professionals

Having executed or participated in over one hundred projects, App Shack has become true experts when it comes to digital product development. Technical decisions are made with the product in the center and all choices are always well-reasoned and thought through. Knowing this you can feel confident that your product is scalable, secure and developed using best-practice standards.

App Shack understands the importance of tracking behavioural patterns of users of products. They know that user experience is essential when building successful end-user software. That is why, after going live, App Shack uses this behavioural insight to iterate and improve your product better and to make its audience more happy and content.

We are experts in

Banking and Payment solutions

We are - and have been - involved in several different projects within financial technology. One or two of those are huge apps with millions of users and transactions per day. We are well experienced integrating popular payment services, such as Stripe or Swish. We are doing so adopting best practises in terms of security - For you and your customers safety.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

A few of our flag ship apps hook up against IoT devices, such as smart electronic locks, home utilities, micro relay-controllers, vending machines and more.

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This field has been a focus area for us for a long time. We’ve built complete eco-systems for both international and local customers within the e-commerce sector. A few of those have grown to be incredibly successful companies.

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